Saying I Love You Carelessly

” I Love You ” ,

Its A Common Term Used Between Two People That Have Real Strong Emotions For Each Other, Or Family.

But Cmon, Us Teenagers Use It REAL LOOSELY These Days Man ..

When You Hang Up Off The Phone With Your Other Half , All You Hear Is ” I Love You Baby ”


It Makes No Sense Saying I Love You When Youre Just 12-15 maybe even 16 ..

You Gotta Be In A Serious Relationship To The Point Where Marraige Or An Engadgement Is Possible ..

Besides .. I Love You Means You Gotta Get A BIG ASS DIAMOND RING, So Save Up B4 You Say ” I Love You “.

Us .. Wait .. Lemme Rephrase ..

I .. As A Teen,.. I Dont Have Time For Serious Relationships @ The Age Of ( My Age ),

So WTF Is The Point Of Meaningless ” I Love You” ‘s ?

Cuz Im Gunna Go Out With One Female, Say ” I Love You “, Get Into An Argument, Break Up, Get Another Girl & Say ” I Love You ” Again ..

Thats Just Gay .. Playing With Feelings .. & Then You Said You Werent Like Every Other Guy ..

If I Had A Dime For Everytime I Said I Wasnt Like Every Other Guy I Would Have Gucci Tissues ..

Just Dont Say ” I Love You ” To Just A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend.. Do It ONLY If Youre Commited ..

Dont Front .. You Know You Only Say That Shit Cuss You Heard Mommy & Daddy , & People On Movies Say That Shit & You Just Wanted To Be Cool.  Just Dont.

In Fact,

Its Actually Harder For A Man To Say ” I Love You ” , Than It Is For A Female.

Probably Because The Nature Of Shyness, Softness, Or Publicity Doesnt Wanna Be Shown.

We’re More Of A ” Gimme A Slow R&B Song In A Private Sexual Horny Time ” Type Of People .. We Say It Whenever You Want It During That Time .. GUARANTEED.

Now For My Lady Readers,

Dont Get Confused On When Youre Having Sex With A Guy Thats Not Your Boyfriend Or Nothing And He Say ” I Love You “.

He’s Not Speaking To You .. He’s Speaking To The Sex & His Dick Is Speaking For Him ..


Guys, Sorry For Blowing Up The Spot. Ladies Do Needa Be Informed On Some Things .

Besides, Women Say That Shit So Freely ..

Fellas, Dont You Like It When You Just Chillin & Your Female Just Stare @ You & Ur Like .. “What?” And She Juss Be Like ” I Love You ” && Ur All Happy & Shit .. But  ” Oh Fuck! What Do I Say ?!?! …” .. ” errrmmm ..” .. ” I LoVE .. yOU .. 2 ?”

&& Then She Eat That Shit Up .. “Awwwww ( Guys Name here Or “Baby”)”


For Those Guys That Dont Know How To Say ” I Love You ” In Sexy Ways .. Use Ur Imagination ..

Like … When Ya’ll Walking Separate Directions .. Or She Not Paying Attention, Stop Her Dead In Her Tracks & Say ” HEY!” & Wait Til She Turn Around && Lip Talk The Words ” I Love You ” .. Or If Your A Youngin Just Lip Talk The Words ” Elephant Juice ” .. They Wont Know The Difference Really …

Sorry Ladies .. 😦

But Basically,
Please  .. Dont Use ” I Love You ” Loosely Forum ..

It Can Really Change A Persons View ..


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